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LockAccess best Internet site password security person authentication script: user entry Management and htaccess password safety

LockAccess is knowledgeable management Device for Site password safety, user authentication and person obtain Management to World-wide-web directories. Using .htaccess password protection, this 먹튀 application grants you Probably the most protected and simplest ways to shield your directories and limit use of them.

LockAccess gives intuitive web-centered interface and self-installing process that doesnt call for any programming techniques, authentication or PHP knowledge. All of the actions are clearly visible, and the outcome of those steps are going to be proven instantaneously on your own screen.


With LockAccess you may generate limitless password http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=토토사이트 guarded directories with limitless usernames and passwords. To set password defense, just click on catalogue tree image aspects and defend the appropriate Listing, sign up new buyers and edit their own info, simply grant use of secured locations, determine consumer expiration date, send out mail lists, customise e mail and language templates, and much more… at http://password-managers.net