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WithEvents and Handles clause necessitates type us to declare the object variable and the celebration handler as we produce our code, so linkage is established upon compilation. On the flip side, with AddHandler and RemoveHandler, linkage is established and taken off at runtime, and that is more adaptable.

Let’s assume that we wish to load various MDI youngster kinds, permitting Every single of them being loaded just once, and of course to learn when among the list of child sorts is closed. Considering the fact that we have many forms to load we wish to utilize the AddHandler and RemoveHandler key terms so we can be adaptable and produce the minimum code we can easily.

Allow’s get soiled.

one. In Each individual MDI youngster type we should declare a public party.

General public Event FormClosed(ByVal file As Type)

2. In Each and every MDI little one sort we need to use the Form_Closed process which handles the MyBase.Shut class and lift the FormClosed celebration.

Personal Sub Form1_Closed(ByVal sender As Item, ByVal e As Program.EventArgs) _

Handles토토사이트 MyBase.Closed

RaiseEvent FormClosed(Me)

Close Sub

3. On our MDI sort we must declare two member variables. The main’s of variety Sort and the next’s type is ArrayList.

Private m_f(0) as Form

Personal m_sLoadedChildForms As New ArrayList

4. We must put into action a method the will search the MDI boy or girl sorts which can be loaded. We’ll also use this process once 토토 we unload the MDI youngster kinds.

Personal Operate SearchChildForm(ByVal strSearchForm As String, _Optional ByVal idxEventHandler As Lengthy = -one) As Very long

Dim i As Very long = 0

For i = 0 To m_sLoadedForms.Rely – one

If m_sLoadedForms.Product(i) = strSearchForm Then


Dim j As Extended = 0

For j = m_f.GetLowerBound(0) To m_f.GetUpperBound(0)

If m_f(j).Name = strSearchForm Then idxEventHandler = j

Up coming j

Return i

Finish If


Return -one

Conclusion Operate

five. We have to employ a method to load the mdi little one kinds and use the SearchChildForm method as a way to not load the identical mdi baby variety next time.

Personal Sub LoadChildForms(ByVal f As Form)

If m_f.GetUpperBound(0) > 0 Then

ReDim Preserve m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0) one)

m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0)) = f I

file Not SearchChildForm(m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0)).Identify()) >= 0 Then

m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0)).MdiParent = Me

AddHandler m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0)).Closed, _

AddressOf UnloadChildForm




ReDim Maintain m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0) – 1)

six. Eventually we must apply a method to choose out our mdi little one variety within the array checklist so we can load it all over again if we want.

Non-public Sub UnloadForm(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

Dim i As Extensive

Dim s As String = sender.GetType().Identify

Dim IndexForEventHandler = -1

i = SearchChildForm(s, IndexForEventHandler)

If i >= 0 Then m_sLoadedForms.RemoveAt(i)

If IndexForEventHandler >= 0 Then

RemoveHandler m_f(IndexForEventHandler).Shut, AddressOf UnloadForm

m_f(IndexForEventHandler) = Nothing at all